Collection: Prepurposed Space & The Garden of Nonform

Prepurposed Space & The Garden of Nonform, is the work from the Master of Fine Art Thesis by Jonathan Molvik at the University of California San Diego. 

These mixed-media pieces began as discarded ethnographic photographs from past museum exhibitions. I took images of the complex I lived in and removed all of the vegetation, which I masked over the photo murals. I then painted the buildings of my condo complex and the stark white of a tabula rasa for the skies. I then added images of friends and family over the pictures. With all of these images the original identity remains a significant part of the composition, forming new relationships with the images that overlay each piece.

11 projects
  • Merienda
  • Los Altos
  • Los Alisos
  • Las Palmas
  • Las Flores
  • La Mariposa
  • La Boda
  • El Camino