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This week Aaron Burnham released his album titled "Wasted Days". I know Aaron as a lifelong family friend. On a side note, he caught the garter at my wedding. 

I bought his album Monday from Bandcamp. And I've been listening to it since. He has a retro fifties vibe with a folk sound. His singing reminds me a little of Buddy Holly especially on his song, Red Red Rose.  

Aaron Burnham wrote and performed all the songs with the exception of Red Red Rose. On which Shannon Shaw sings the accompanying vocals and the chorus is from the Robert Burns poem of the same name. This is a fun song with good rhythm and a catchy melody. I find myself already singing it through out the day.

I enjoy the folk feel of the song Brandywine. It is one of my favorite songs on the album. It is a sweet song about love and the future. I've already added it to my playlist.

Another of my favorites is "Wasted Days" which goes right along with lock down and the idea of pursuing one's dreams so they can stop haunting you. I could definitely relate.  It too, has joined my playlist.

I really enjoy this album listen to it here, below. 

I was not paid to review this album, nor will I receive any proceeds from any sales. I would be happy to hear if you enjoyed his music! Please comment below.

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