Inspiration Wednesday - Mongolian Throat Singing

There is something beautiful about harmonies and dissonance. Mongolian throat singing creates beautiful harmonies and sounds different than I have heard before the exhaling air creates many different sounds. I have read that the mongolian throat singing also called Tuvan throat singing traces it's roots to recreating sounds from nature such as wind, waterfalls and animal sounds.

Tuvan throat singing reminds me a little of the didgeridoo. I have been studying this instrument for years. I enjoy playing, but there is a lot more for me to learn. I love the mullti-tonal instruments. I went and heard Tibetan Monks chanting Santa Monica a few years ago. Just recently, I  discovered Mongolian Throat singing.  I have found three examples below, but there are so many other beautiful songs. Just look up "Mongolian throat singing." Kuular even offers a master class on udemy.

I feel a resonance between Tuvan throat singing and my painting. I am thinking of more ways to apply paint in order to create harmony and dissonance between the colors. 

In this video, Kuular demonstrates the different types of throat singing.

Here are some more throat singers. The video shows the singers as children and later adults. The singers became the Alash Ensemble.

Here is one more example. I think this is a beautiful duet between a father and daughter.  This is Batzorig Vaanchig and his daughter, singing a song about fast horses.

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