Wandering - Palms S.I.P. Together/Apart

I have been running and walking more, since the Shelter In Place began in March. There are two palm trees that I often watch. They are two giant native California Palms. As I walk around the streets I see the palms begin together and then separate as circle the trees from the various streets.

Palms Together

These two trees are quite the couple. Even when they are apart, they are still connected. I was interested in the lines of old palm fronds that connect them. At the same time they seem isolated together on the hill. Looking at these trees, I think about my family and others sheltering in place together/apart.

Palms Apart

When I started painting this picture, I worked with many layers of wet in wet paint. I encouraged the colors to mix and pool as I added layer after layer. I helped paint to drip through the layers then added more transparent washes. The painting gave me trouble while working. I used a new masking tape. My normal tape wasn't available. The new tape did not seal out the paint, but allowed paint to permeate the masked areas. The tapes failure changed the painting and I added even more washes to separate the palms from the background. 

After separating the palms from the background I decided that I liked the palms melting into the background. I wanted them separate and together as the whole painting. The experience of painting, mirrored the frustrations of pushing forward and letting go and adjusting to make the best of any situation.

In the end, I really enjoy looking into the layers of this painting. 

Palms S.I.P. Together/Apart

The original painting,  Palms S.I.P. Together/Apart is available in my shop.

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