Tuesday Wanderings - Wild Artichoke Thistles

Each Tuesday I am going to share photography taken during my daily wanderings. Sometimes I go walking around the neighborhood, or across to the greenbelt area. 

Today, I will share pictures of wild artichoke thistles from the greenbelt. An arroyo travels through the area. I love the shapes of the wild artichoke thistles.

The wild artichoke area seems to grow larger each year. I know they are invasive perennial plants. When the flowers go to seed it is beautiful almost magical to watch the little puff ball spheres carried away by the wind.

I was surprised to learn that the wild artichokes are just wild versions of the cultivated globe artichokes. When globe artichokes are grown from divisions, they grow spineless globe artichokes, but when the artichokes spread by seeds, they grow the wild spiny artichoke thistles.

I am curious about eating wild artichokes.  I read that wild artichokes taste good. The heart is supposed to be more shallow, but the meat is still supposed to be tasty.  

Next spring, I plan on trying them. Have any of you tried eating wild artichokes?


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