Studio Friday - Simplify

I am working at simplifying my studio. It seems easy during the course of working to move towards chaos. I let objects, books, materials and other items into my space that don't seem to help. I am now in the process of reconsidering what I have in my space and how it helps.

I have two goals.  My first, is to make a space where it is easier to create work. My second goal is to organize my space so I can easily accommodate studio visits. It is my plan to open up my studio space to visitors both in person and virtual. I will be opening up the space soon. 

Currently I have paintings in progress. I am also working on a series of five linocut block prints, from which I am planing on making a series of new prints and painting. I also am about to start doing some serigraphy in combination with my paintings. I am looking forward to sharing all of this with you both in my blog and in future visits. 

Also, on Saturday, I will be conducting a drawing to give out linocut block prints to those of you who have joined my newsletter. Join my newsletter near the bottom of any page in my web site. If you win the print, I will email you to ask where you would like your print mailed. 


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