Painting Process Beginning

When I started my most recent series of paintings I knew I wanted to begin by first painting non representational abstract images. Forest Abstract I, is my first painting in this series.


I also knew that I wanted to paint another similar not representational painting over the first painting, but preserving selected natural forms from the first painting.


While I was sketching and thinking about these paintings I considered masking the paintings which I have done before.  I also considered some different print making methods.


I consideredcarving block prints that I could print over the paintings. I also considered a combination of painting and serigraphy. 

Ll I got started I wanted to begin immediately, so I chose to work with masking like I have used in the past. It has led to some paintings that I am excited about.



I keep on thinking about some of the other precesses. Through different methods, I will create similar thematic work. Each medium and technique will have it's own unique characteristics which I am excited to see.


Now I'm experimenting with block printing and I am about to try some projects with serigraphy. I am looking forward to creating multiple prints on different surfaces. 


I'll be sharing pictures and progress of my experiments in future posts. 



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