Live Demo from my Studio - July 24, 2020

Tree of life on the edge of the world. 2020. Acrylic on Canvas. 48″ x 36″

Tree of life on the edge of the world, is a painting that was created during a live painting demo on July 24, 2020. The demo was simulcast on Facebook Live and Instagram Live and received over 1800 views during the broadcast.  The painting uses masking techniques similar to batik, to reveal past layers of paint. The process is both additive and subtractive. When removing the mask the initial layers are revealed transforming the abstract composition into a tree of life.

For the demo I prepared a painting with the background layer completed, and a mask made out of liquid rubber, painted over the surface. The layer of rubber works as a mask, that I can remove at the end, revealing the initially painted surface. The method of painting developed from experimenting with ideas of masking learned in batik. 

I have used this process in this recent series and in a previous group of mixed media pieces I created while working on my MFA at UCSD.

The demo at home worked well, because I was able to set up a camera and microphone that recorded the video. My son was able to manage the cameras and pass along questions. I am planning to have another live demo in the next few weeks.

Below is the video created during the demo.

The painting, Tree of life on the edge of the world, is available for purchase in my shop.

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