Flocked Ficus & The Origin of Lava Ren Faire

How often do notions form in dreams? 
How often do those dreams become part of our life?
How often do we wish they would be part of our life?

Here is one of my dreams.

Lava Ren Faire is one of those things for me. In my dream I was a helping set up an art space for a group art show.

The fake ficus sat in the corner of the gallery as artists prepped for the opening. The walls were spackled and rolled white. 

Paint flew from the spinning rollers, sprayed the ficus with spots and speckles of white. 

The rest of the artwork was installed and hung. The show was ready.

I penned a card, “flocked ficus in gallery”. Somehow the piece captured the essence of the group show for Lava Ren Faire and acted as a catalyst for success for the group of artists, myself included. The art group, Lava Ren Faire shortly thereafter was selected to participate in the Whitney Biennial.

Here is a sketch of “flocked ficus in gallery.”  I still have yet to find the perfect ficus to flock. If you are in possession of a fake ficus that you would like to donate to my artistic endeavors, please email or contact me.

Lava Ren Faire is thus far imaginary group of artists creating. Many of my projects that have not aligned with my other artwork, I have categorized as Lava Ren Faire. I am looking for artists to join me in Lava Ren Faire to show art from dreams and dreams of art. A show is in the works.  Lava Ren Faire Mondays will be one of my weekly blog posts moving forward. Please join me!

Have you ever had an idea that didn't quite make sense with the rest of your life? I would love to hear about your ideas in the comments below. 


  • I found it intriguing that this writing invokes nature and poetic vision even though it centered around a plastic ficus. We reach out to the beauty we have, huh…

    Ruth Phillips Teitelbaum
  • Leslie,
    The dream inspires me and gives me a direction for these ideas.

    Alas. I have been looking for a fake ficus. I just don’t want to buy one. I have seen them at the doctor’s and dentist’s offices and admired them. I am sure I will find the ficus at the right time.

    I would love for you to participate in the upcoming Lava Ren Faire Show it may be virtual, but I have an idea it will be more than that because it will be mailed photographed and posted. So it will be posted, photographed and posted. That will be a nice circle. One question now is where will it be sent? Any ideas?

    Jonathan Molvik
  • Melissa,
    This idea has been following me for a while. I am glad that you enjoyed the writing and the drawing.

    Jonathan Molvik
  • This idea of bringing dreams into reality is great… It gave this piece of writing a sense of mystery. The piece is lovely as well!

    Melissa Corbett
  • I love this idea, and that it came from a dream! It’s an ingenious way to think about showing work outside of your main oeuvre, and I’d love to be a part of it 😀 Sadly I don’t have a fake ficus 🌳


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